Connection solutions for Ships

Shore power technologies help port authorities and shipping lines significantly reduce emissions of NOX, SOX and particulate matter from ships in port.

Ports & Maritime
Electrification and automation from berthing to shipping.
Power source all over the world has different voltage and frequency from one to the other. Different voltages can easily be rectified by using a device such as transformer, while, changing frequency typically from 50 Hz to 60 Hz or 50Hz to 400Hz or vice versa is much more difficult.

In seaport application, these difference between ships and seaport, give port owner a difficult challenge to provide electricity to any ship. However, with Shore to Ship Solution all port will solve these difficulties and give port the privilege to supply electricity to any ship (400, 50Hz or 440 60 Hz).

This enable ships to stop using noisy, polluting generators while berthed in harbor, thereby it helps reducing emission (CO2, SOx, Nitrogen Oxide), noise and vibration.
Our shore to ship solution power systems will be tailormade inside a container for quick and easy installation around the port. It can be place on harbour side or on-board the ship. We will provides fully engineered and integrated systems and a broad range of services. It covers entire chain from the main incoming substation receiving power from the local grid, via systems matching voltage and frequency to the levels required by the vessels, to the power outlet at the berth.


Automatic-Synchronizing to ships Generator

Parallel Power

Can be parallel to increase power

Voltage Boost

In case of Voltage drop in input ( Up to 20%)

Improve Power Quality

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Remote Monitoring

Available for remote Monitoring


Extended warranty available ( Up to 5 Years additional)

Friendly UI

Friendly user interface (Colour, Touch Screen)

Power Management System

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